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SPE Italian Section is affiliated to the Society of Petroleum Engineers, that is the professional and technical home for managers, engineers, operating personnel and scientists (near 60.000) involved in drilling, exploration and production sectors for oil and gas industry around the world (153 section in 58 countries). SPE Italian Section counts about 400 members, the main office is located in Milan and three Student Chapters at Bologna and Turin

Society of Petroleum Engineers
Italian Section
Universities and Scuola Mattei in Milan. The Section favouring and promoting the exchange of information with its conferences, workshops, and technical lectures and bulletins is of benefit to the Italian E&P community and to govering authorities.
Since 2001 the SPE – Italian Section has established a co-operation with the OMC Ravenna to further encourage the exchange of knowledge and know how among oil professionals, discuss problems and innovations of the oil & gas activity, and in particular to strengthen the ties between University students and the Oil industry.

In view of the 7th Offshore Mediterranean Conference – OMC 2005 – the SPE Italian Section has contributed to the technical content of the conference by organising two half a day workshops, covering two specific and very challenging topics:

Wednesday, 16th March 2005, 14.00 – 18.00

From Exploration to P3 to P2 to P1 Reserves by Unlocking the Power Technology.
This workshop is aimed at highlighting the role played by technology on the effective capability of the oil industry to discover and exploit the hydrocarbon resources from exploration to the various steps of development throughout the entire life of the production assets. A wide overview of the main technological break-through will be presented by a senior “super-partes” advisor and debated in a two-hours session by the participants.

Case histories and examples of approaches adopted by different oil companies will be discussed in the belief that a suitable long-term planning strategy for research, development and market deployment of emerging technology can upgrade hydrocarbon resources to reserves (e.g. deep water, heavy oils, low permeability reservoirs, ..).

Workshop chairperson and reference: Maurizo Rampoldi, Eni – E&P,

Friday 18th March, 2005, 9.30 – 12.45

Waste Disposal by Injection Techniques
Subsurface waste disposal by injection techniques is a process more and more used in the oil and gas operations to securely dispose of drilling and production residuals. The basic principle is that the waste to be discarded is properly mixed with water and then injected into suitable deep geological formations. This technology is being increasingly used all around the world and, provided the right conditions are met, enormous quantities of wastes can be safely disposed in such a way.

The aim of this workshop is to highlight, following the field cases presented, the main aspects of the process, such as the regulations side, the operational and technical issues as well as its advantages and disadvantages with respect to other waste related technologies (treatment, etc.).

Workshop chairperson and reference: Marco Brignoli, Eni E&P,

The SPE Italian Section Workshops are limited attendance events and advanced registration is recommended.
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