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Message from the Programme Committee Chairman

These are dynamic times indeed for the oil & gas industry and for the professionals who drive it forward. After several years of relative quiet on the exploration front, over the past year the Mediterranean Sea has generated some of the most exciting news globally, with the discovery of giant fields in the Eastern Mediterranean. Farther from our Basin, the incredible rise of unconventional gas, and more recently oil, in North America is changing international markets, with an impact on consumer countries in Europe and around the globe. As I write this message, “unconventional” fever is high also in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Only time will tell when European and North African unconventional resources will become a reality, but many countries today are actively assessing their resources and bringing along the first field tests.

At the same time, the aging of the large conventional resource around the globe is leading to extensive testing and the first large-scale deployments of enhanced oil recovery processes, which promise to extend the existing resource base for decades. The evolution of drilling and completion technologies also continues unabated, making it possible to produce more oil & gas, from more difficult resources, at ever lower cost. The offshore industry has marked further achievements with the industrialisation of subsea processing, including multiphase separation.


These themes are all pertinent to the oil & gas provinces surrounding the Mediterranean. OMC 2013 continues to provide a unique venue for discussing the latest developments in oil & gas technology and their applications, across the entire E&P chain, from exploration to production. The technical programme will be accompanied by several workshops and panel sessions on the hottest topics affecting our Region. So please consider contributing insights from your own work to this event.

I look forward to seeing you in Ravenna next March!

Thomas Lockhart
OMC 2013 Programme Committee 


Authors of papers selected for presentation at OMC conferences are required to sign a copyright transfer agreement with the Organisers.

The Conference retains ownership of the presented papers, presenting authors retain the right to use their paper for teachin purposes, scholarship or research, provided that the source and the copyright are indicated.

No copy shall be used in a way that implies the OMC Programme Committee endorsement of a product or service. Reproductions for sale or for promotional or marketing purpose without the written approval of OMC Programme Committee are forbidden.

Presenting Authors are requested to declare that the manuscript is the authors' original work, that it has never been published before, and exerts from copyrighted works, if any, have been duly authorised by written consent of copyright owners.

Authors are granted the possibility to publish their papers elsewhere provided that the re-publication indicates with a note that the paper was presented at the Offshore Mediterranean Confernce in Ravenna, Italy.


The  submission of a paper at OMC conferences carries an obligation to participate in the event. Authors of accepted  paper proposals are expected to submit a manuscript for inclusion in the proceedings. 
It is a disappointment to the Conference Organisers and Attendees when papers scheduled for presentation are withdrawn, especially when cancellation occurs late in the process. Furthermore, cancellations at a late stage may compromise the quality of the technical sessions amd make it impossible for the Organisers to compensate. Consider that a paper proposal selected  for inclusion in the programme necessarily implies that some other work has been rejected.

Authors of papers selected for OMC 2013 Conference should therefore carefully consider their ability to follow through with preparation of the manuscript and attend the conference at the time the abstract is submitted.
Authors of papers given space in the conference are considered to have made a firm commitment in this sense. Should it become unavoidably necessary for the Author of a paper included in the program to cancel it, he must send a withdrawal request in writing, as early as possible, providing an explanation for the failure to follow through on the commitment taken.


Abstracts for the Offshore Mediterranean Conference - OMC 2013 must be received by the Programme Committee by July 31, 2012.

Abstracts must be submitted using the online form at, if received by e-mail, fax or mail, they will not be taken into consideration. 

 The OMC 2013 Programme Committee will review and evaluate the paper proposals submitted solely on the basis of the information supplied in the abstract in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. The paper must not have had prior publication or circulation
  2. The paper shall contain major new contributions in terms of knowledge or   experience in the oil & gas business.
  3. The paper must be technically correct and of interest to the petroleum   sector, may present information about equipment and tools but must avoid tradenames.
  4. The abstract must have received the necessary clearance by the company of the presenting author.
  5. The abstract shall be a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 400 words  in length and written in good English. Pictures and graphs must be avoided. The Abstract shall describe:

    - the technical content
    of the work, summarising the scope and the nature of the  work, 
    - possible applications of the information provided
    - the results and the major conclusions of the work, including any differences from previous work on the same subject
    - any technical, economic and innovation contributions

  6. Partecipation as a speaker is subject to conference registration fee.   Speakers will benefit from a reduced registration fee.  The discounted registration fee for speakers will be published on the event  website and will be communicated when notifying abstracts acceptance.


Frontier Exploration and Access  to New Reserves
Satellite Field Exploration  and Development
Drilling and Completion 
Geophysical Methods
Reservoir Characterisation
Reservoir Surveillance  and Management
Offshore and Deepwater  Technologies
Offshore Pipelines Integrity
Subsea Processing and Boosting
Field and Production Optimisation
Enhanced Recovery Factor
Health, Safety & Environment
Sustainable Development
GHG Management
Gas Value Chain from Reservoir to Market
Unconventional Resources
Breakthrough Innovation and Research
HP-HT e&p Challenges
Flow Assurance
Energy efficiency and Renewables into E&P Operations    


Corresponding authors of papers selected for inclusion in the Conference programme will be notified by November 2012.  

Manuscripts of papers selected must be provided no later than December 30, 2012 for reviewing by the Committee prior to inclusion in the Conference  Proceedings complete with copies of slides, graphs or photographs needed   for the paper presentation. Papers received after the deadline cannot be  guaranteed inclusion in the Proceedings.   

The maximum length of each paper is 14 (fourteen) typewritten pages including   equations, tables, graphs or photographs located in their proper place.

Full instructions on the preparation of manuscripts, slides, tables, graphs etc. will be sent only to the Corresponding Author of each selected paper.   

Only one presenting author per paper is entitled to reduced conference  registration.   OMC 2013 assumes no obligation for expenses incurred by authors for    travel, lodging, food or other incidental expenses. 

Copyright of papers selected belongs to OMC 2013. Authors of papers selected for OMC 2013 will be required to submit a copyright clearance form to OMC.




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