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Events: The concert for OMC

Thursday, March 17, 2005 - Gala Concert
The traditional Offshore Mediterranean Conference - OMC 2005 Gala Concert will take place in the magnificent Byzantine Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe.
This special event of OMC will feature Maestro Piero Romano on the rostrum to direct 50 talented musicians of The Magna Grecia Orchestra. Romano, who has been the Artistic Director since the Magna Grecia Orchestra began in 1993, has chosen a repertoire for the OMC concert consisting of Ottorino Respighi, one of the most beloved Italian composers, and Gervasio, a name familiar to classical music lovers but less well known to the general public.

The OMC 2005 Gala Concert, sponsored by Shell Italia E&P, will be given by the Orchestra "Magna Grecia of Taranto and Potenza”, an orchestra from Taranto, that Shell has been supporting for several years.
The Orchestra plays an important part in the Italian musical world having achieved recognition at a national level in 2003 when, after much intensive preparation, they became officially recognised as an Institute of Concert Orchestras as defined by the Ministry of Art and Culture.
Shell is very proud to have this orchestra present at OMC 2005 because this event not only contributes to, but also highlights, an important cultural bond - that represented by an orchestra of young musicians from Taranto - located in the very heart of the Mediterranean - and the technological and scientific achievements that are being presented at OMC by the numerous Companies that operate within the Mediterranean basin - all of this demonstrating the rich and varied cultural dimensions of this part of the world.
We would like to feel that the presence of the Magna Grecia Orchestra at OMC 2005 highlights Shell’s way of relating with local communities, where Shell operates, to contribute to the building of a better society.
To all of you at OMC 2005, Shell Italia E&P send their best wishes for an unforgettable concert on the 17th March 2005.


The Magna Grecia Orchestra is one of the main training grounds for young and talented musicians in southern Italy. It has also gained importance at the international level. Its founders constantly developed growth in the Orchestra, always based on the ethic of hard work and, in December 2003, the Italian Cultural Ministry granted the prestigious recognition of "ICO" (Orchestral Concert Institution) to the Magna Grecia. There are only 13 ICO orchestras in Italy, and the Magna Grecia hopes this designation will serve as the inspiration for other awards. The Orchestra was created in 1993 in the city of Taranto, which was the capital of the ancient Greek colonies in Italy. The Magna Grecia Orchestra is recognized by their elegant performances filled with vivacious energy. These young and talented musicians have the extraordinary ability to convey their feelings to the public.
A peculiarity of the orchestra is the harmony which exists between the musicians and its directors. Since April 1998 the Magna Grecia Orchestra is proud to have an extraordinary honorary director: Vladimir Ashkenazy. Over the years the Orchestra has been directed by A. Nanut, R. Gutter, D. Agiman, W. Stiefel, J. Kalmar, J. Houtmann, V. Mariozzi, G. Nowak, N. Samale, A. Kantorov.
World renown artists such as pianist Aldo Ciccolini, baritone Renato Bruson, violinist Pavel Vernikov, violoncellist Misha Maisky, pianist Benedetto Lupo, actor Tullio Solenghi, singer Ami Stewart, pianist Bruno Canino, pianist composeur Louis Bacalov have performed with the Magna Grecia Orchestra in recent times.
The orchestra has also contributed to the success of programs on the national Italian television station RAI. Music critics as well as audiences have praised the Magna Grecia Orchestra after performances in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Japan. Apulia chose the Magna Grecia Orchestra to represent the Region in Paris with a concert on the Champs Elysées in December 2003. In July 2004 world renown music director Lorin Maazel conducted in Taranto, invited by the Magna Grecia Orchestra, and he expressed his appreciation for the newborn "ICO".

For more info www.orchestramagnagrecia.it



Piero Romano has been Artistic Director of the Magna Grecia Association since 1992. He created the Orchestra in 1993 and proceeded to win several national and international awards. He has performed as solo pianist as well as serving as music director in numerous Italian cities, North and South America, and many countries in Europe. He has collaborated with the Greensboro (North Carolina) Philharmonic, the Mexico State Orchestra, the Alicante Symphonic Orchestra, the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra (Europe's oldest), and many others. Romano has also collaborated with many of the world's greatest soloists, including Pavel Vernikov, Ilya Grubert, Pierre Amoyal, and soprano Katia Ricciarelli. Presently he teaches at the Conservatory of Matera (Italy).

For more info www.magna-grecia.it


Shell is the official sponsor of OMC 2005 Gala Concert
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