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Welcome: OMC 2005 Chairman

Message from the Chairman of OMC 2005

It is a pleasure as Chairman of OMC 2005 to invite you to attend the 7th Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition that will take place in Ravenna, Italy, on March 16-18, 2005.The Ravenna event in 2005 will take place at a time when the Oil industry will be deeply committed in dedicating huge efforts in terms of new technologies and investments for the exploration, production, construction of infrastructures for the transport of energy.

The present oil crisis, with prices exceeding 50 dollars per barrel, is inducing the European Union to speed up the strategic plan that forecasts a huge energy transfer from Central Asia and Middle East, as well as North Africa Countries to Europe.
The European Union is looking at the four coastal countries of the Caspian Sea: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, that have proven to be very rich in energy resources. According to experts, the area should contain 100 billion barrels of oil reserves, and part of this energy will find its market in Europe.
With this scenario, being a natural bridge between the Producing and Consuming Countries, the role of "The Mediterranean as the Key to the Stability of Oil & Gas Markets" is unquestionable, and the 7th edition of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference of Ravenna will focus on the huge projects that are under study or under way in the Mediterranean.
Attracting a large number of high quality delegates, exhibitors and visitors the OMC conference will provide on the Opening Plenary Session on March 16, 2005 a forum for Oil Authorities and Industry professionals to discuss and debate the current issue of

"The Changing Structure of the European Gas Market"

Two and a half days of parallel technical sessions will follow in the attempt of providing professionals with overall information on new technology developments in the oil and gas field.
Beside the "Papers and Posters Contest" OMC 2005 will also run the “Best Stands Contest”. The best papers and stands will be awarded in the occasion of a Ceremony that will take place on Friday 18th March 2005.
Finally, OMC 2005 social programme has become an integral part of the overall event: the 13th OMC golf tournament on March 15th followed by the Welcome Buffet, the Gala Dinner on March 16th and an unforgettable Gala Concert in the most beautiful Byzantine Basilica of Ravenna on March 17th, will provide entertainment for OMC 2005 participants
Do not miss all this. Join us in Ravenna on March 16-18, 2005.

Antonio Angelucci
Chairman OMC 2005

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