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48121 Ravenna
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IES srl
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Nepi (VT) - 01036 Italy
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OMC scrl
Viale L. C. Farini, 14 - 48121 Ravenna, Italy
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The OMC Company is dedicated to serving all people interested in the Mediterranean Offshore Industry. It is a professional society committed to every sector of the offshore community including engineers, scientists, policy makers, educators, industry leaders, students and concerned individuals.
Since its founding in 1993, OMC has been working toward the following goals:

  • Disseminating offshore science and technical knowledge
  • Promoting and supporting education for offshore, engineers and technicians
  • Advancing the development of tools and procedures required to explore, study, and further the responsible and sustainable use of the energy resources in the Mediterranean




Z.I. Settevene
Via Cassia Km 36,400 . 01036 Nepi (VT), Italy
Tel. +39 0761 527976 . Fax. +39 0761 527945


IES srl is the co-organiser of OMC , officially appointed by OMC Scrl for the exhibition organisation. IES is a service company operating on domestic and international markets as a consultant for the promotion and the organization of exhibitions. Its main activity is to increase and improve the participation of private companies, public agencies and organizations in international fairs and exhibitions through the research, development and implementation of promotional strategies and actions.

IES operates in a flexible manner, in order to respond quickly and efficiently to each client's needs. Companies, agencies and public organizations are provided with a comprehensive supply of all necessary assistance for their participation in international fairs and exhibitions. Such assistance spans the booking of the exhibition space, the planning and setting up of the stand fitting and furniture, the freighting of products, the comprehensive travel arrangements, the preparation and distribution of the media and advertising campaign, the marketing assistance on site.