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The City of Ravenna

Ravenna: One of the Most Fascinating Cities of Italy

Ravenna and the whole Romagna region are ideal for a short break at any time of the year and offer everything necessary to make every business trip something to remember: sightseeing, nightlife, modern facilities, excellent cuisine.

As well as being one of the most important oil and gas cities in the Mediterranean, Ravenna is rich of monuments and mosaics from its glorious imperial past, 8 of which are listed as UNESCO world heritage.

For centuries Ravenna was the privileged meeting point of East and West, of Byzantium and Rome, continental populations and Mediterranean traditions. This primary role as exchange place has been favoured by the valuable element of water: marshlands at first then the development of sea trade and the digging of the canal in the heart of the city.

The port of Ravenna is still one of the most important at European level, just like it was in Roman times (port of Classe built under Emperor Octavianus Augustus).

Outstanding characters of European culture such as Lord Byron and Gustav Klimt have visited and spent important parts of their lives in Ravenna or even taken refuge here, this is the case of Dante.

Ravenna and its region – Romagna - as well as culture and business opportunities offer long beaches with amazing sport facilities, bustling bars, modern spa resorts, golf courses, relaxing pinewoods and rolling hills with vineyards and charming small villages.

Eating is serious business around here! Italy is dedicated to the unhurried eating and drinking of high quality, reasonably priced foods and drinks. If you want to stop for a bite, a drink or an ice-cream you’ll be spoilt for choice. Fresh seafood, wine, home made pasta, extra virgin olive oil, desserts and piadina bread are just a few of the typical products Romagna is famous for. They can be found in delicatessen shops, bars and kiosks as well as many restaurants for all tastes.

See you in Ravenna!

The Mosaics of Ravenna (5 th and 6 th century A.D.)

Ravenna's mosaics are the splendid culmination of the artistic experiences of the West and East. There is no finer way than with glazed tiles, so sensitive to refracted light, to express the consolidation of the Christian faith in Imperial society and emphasise a whole series of abstract representations in a precious, rarefied atmosphere. The refined naturalism of the Hellenistic-Roman school is fused and amalgamated with the harmonious accuracy and geometrical, stylised decorativism of oriental heritage.

Later, in the course of the 6th Century, the vast range of chromatic shadings began to diminish gradually until they were almost submerged by the sparkling, uniform glitter of gold. On the other hand, a golden background is appropriate for the almost magical representation of concepts and episodes and harmonizes beautifully with the power and splendour of the Court of Byzantium.