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Conference: Technical Sessions
Friday, 18th March, 9.30 – 12.45
Chairmen: G. Leithead – Shell, N. Ramadan – National Oil Corporation
9.30 – 9.55 Paper No. 037
“Design of a New Ultra-Deep Resistivity Tool for Real-Time Geosteering Applications“
S. Fang, D. Georgi, H. Meyer, T. Wang - Baker Atlas
9.55 – 10.20

Paper No. 041
“Casing/Liner Drilling: Potential Game Changer for Future Mediterranean Operations“
L. Clark, E. McClain - Hughes Christensen

10.20 – 10.45

Paper No. 042
“A Step Forward in Lean Profile Application: Cerro Falcone 5 OR, a High Angle Lean Deviated Profile“
A. Concas, P.Valente - Eni, E. Biscaro, M. Marchesini - Inteq

11.05 – 11.30

Paper No. 043
“Future Drilling and Well Activities are Globally Integrated Using Realtime 3D Visualization“
S. I. Ødegård - Hitec Products Drilling, R. Rommetveit - SINTEF Petroleum Research, B. Larsen - Maritime Hydraulics, O. Paulsen - First Interactive

11.30 – 11.55

Paper No. 075
“Innovative Design, Operational Modelling and Lessons Learned for Pressure Management during Underbalanced Cementing with Choked Return Flow“
K. S. Bjørkevoll, R. Rommetveit - SINTEF Petroleum Research, A. Rønneberg, J. Eck-Olsen - Statoil

11.55 – 12.20

Paper No. 104
“Using Tools from Automated Systems to Make Manual Tubular Running Operations Safe and More Efficient“
E. Abrahamsen, P. Poroseio - Weatherford International

12.20 – 12.45 Paper No. 038
“Riserless Mud Recovery System and High Performance Inhibitive Fluid Successfully Stabilize West Azeri Surface Formation“
S. E. Alford, A. Asko - M-I Swaco, R. Stave – AGR Services AS, M. Aston, E. Kvalvaag – BP
Friday, 18th March, 9.30 – 10.45
Chairmen: A. Cannavacciuolo – Tecnomare, R. Chiulli, SAFE
9.30 – 9.55 Paper No. 081
“Risk Based Approach to Oil Tankers and Bulk Carrier Vetting“
A. Lo Nigro, L. Brunori - RINA INDUSTRY, G. Guassardo – RINA, C. Panebianco – O&B International
9.55 – 10.20 Paper No. 082
“Numerical Simulation of Subaqueous Bipartite Gravity Flows“
M. Drago - Snamprogetti, A. Consonni - Eni E&P, R. Tinterri – University of Parma
10.20 – 10.45

Paper No. 116 A
"The Definition of Extreme Values with the Generalized Pareto and the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution"
F. Gianfelici, G. Manes – Snamprogetti

Alternate Paper Paper No. 247 A
"Compact Separations by Means of Inline Tecnology"
R. Schook, M. Van Vorseten - CDS Engineering
Friday, 18th March, 9.30 – 10.45
Chairmen: M. Hunter – Eni Lte, A. Sadek - Petrobel
9.30 – 9.55 Paper No. 078
“Impact of Drilling Activities in Warm Sea: Seabed Re-Colonization“
J. Durrieu – Total, F. Galgani – Ifremer, C. Dalmazzone - IFP
9.55 – 10.20 Paper No. 079
“Permanent Real Time Offshore Microseismic System for Geophysical Monitoring“
M. Baracchi, L. Barzaghi, S. Ceresani, F. Ferulano - Eni E&P, S. Cenedese, F. Gasparoni, F. Zanon - Tecnomare
10.20 – 10.45

Paper No. 080
“3D Numerical Modelling of the Environmental Impact due to Marine Sea-Bottom Dredging: An Application“
M. Drago - Snamprogetti, S. Biagiotti, L. Iovenitti

Alternate Paper Paper No. 117 A
"New Technologies for Methane Leakage Monitoring from Seafloor – Description and First Operational Results"
G. Etiope, G. Marinaro, P. Favali - Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, F. Furlan, S. Cenedese, F. Gasparoni - Tecnomare
Friday, 18th March, 11.05 – 12.45
Chairmen: T. Lockhart – EniTecnologie, A. Pelliccia – Shell Italia E&P
11.05 – 11.30 Paper No. 088
“Multiphase Boosting – A Cost Effective and Proven Artificial Lift Method“
A. B. Olsen - Framo Engineering
11.30 – 11.55 Paper No. 118
"Application of Wavelet Analysis to Treat PDG Pressure Data"
D. Viberti, F. Verga, P. Delbosco – Politecnico di Torino
11.55 – 12.20 Paper No. 090
“Successful Well Test Application of Portable Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) for High Gas-Volume Fraction and High Water-Cut Wells in East Kalimantan, Indonesia“
J.D. Kaura, D.B. Finley, A. Ogilvie - Halliburton Energy Services, W. Sudradjet, L. Riyanto - Total E&P Indonesie
12.20- 12.45

Paper No. 091
“Virtual Metering and Flow Allocation: Models, Tools and Field Results“
E. Dellarole, M. Bonuccelli, L. Antico, V. Faluomi - TEA Group

Friday, 18th March, 11.05 – 12.45
Chairmen: C. Berenguer – Repsol YPF, N. McKay, Schlumberger Italiana
11.05 – 11.30 Paper No. 001
“Overview of the Ultra-deep Prestige Fuel Recovery Project“
R. Hernán, A. del Corral, C. Berenguer, R. Páez, J. Sparrowe, J. Moro - Repsol YPF
11.30 – 11.55 Paper No. 002
“Operations and ROV Modifications for the Ultradeep Prestige Fuel Recovery Project“
G. Corbetta - Sonsub A/S, A. del Corral - Repsol YPF, J. Ewen - Sonsub LTD, R. P
áez, I. Rodriguez - Repsol YPF
11.55 – 12.20 Paper No. 003
“Engineering Tools and Special Techniques Developed for the Ultra-deep Prestige Fuel Recovery Project“
C. Berenguer, A. del Corral, F. Ocariz - Repsol YPF, M. Baylot - Saipem-RYS, M. Bellin - Sonsub SPA, G. Corbetta - Sonsub ltd, M. Sanchez, R. Zambruno - Repsol YP, B. du Parc - Saipem SA.
12.20 – 12.45

Paper No. 004
“Data Acquisition Campaign and Fuel Tank Level Measurement for the Recovery of Fuel from the Ultra-deep Prestige Wreck“
J. Sotomayor - Repsol YPF, A. Afonso - Afonso y Asociados, S.L., F. Ocariz, R. Zambruno - Repsol YPF, J. Hastings - Sonsub Ltd.

Alternate Paper

Paper No. 119 A
"Prestige Fuel Oil Confinement and Recovery Alternative"
A. del Corral, J.Moro - Repsol YPF, A. Luppi, R. Daly - Seal Engineering