Do not miss the opportunity to get to know Ravenna!
OMC offers you many guided tours of the city most famous sightseeing as well as its hidden treasuresClick here for full schedule and booking form
The programme of OMC 2015 Social Events has been set up to give you a taste of local delicatessen and culture. Make the most of your time in Ravenna.


Wander Ravenna city centre to browse an array of independent boutiques, popular designer shops for clothes, shoes, bags, delicatessen, ceramics and much more  
The shops listed in the map are ready to wecome you. Visit them to collect a free gift.
Moreover, book and gift shops around town offer you a 10% discount


8 monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Moreover in town is the tomb of the exiled Dante Alighieri, who decided to live here and finished the ''Divine Comedy'' shortly before his death in 1321. Also Lord Byron lodged in Ravenna during his courtship of the local Countess Guiccioli.

The MAR art gallery hosts beautiful permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.
Interesting opera, plays, ballet seasons and festivals are always on offer at the two theatres in the city centre, moreover unique events in alternative locations are organized during the prestigious Ravenna Festival.
Ravenna Campus represents excellence in the studies of cultural heritage, archaeology, promotion of the environment, and relations with eastern European and Mediterranean nations. Students who choose to study in Ravenna find a friendly atmosphere, quiet yet rich with opportunities to exchange experiences at an international level. 
Even if intensely modified by men the territory of Ravenna has maintained unique and evocative natural areas, conserved in protected reserves, mostly in the Po Delta  regional park, which is home to animal and plant species of great interest.  Several habitats are found such as the marshes, salt pans, pinewoods. Just a few kilometers offshore there is the Paguro wreck reserve, a protected biological area providing a unique opportunity for divers to observe an ecological niche where many species find shelter. In 2010 Ravenna scored 2nd at national level as city caring the most for sustainable tourism.

EATING is serious business around here! Romagna region boasts a culture dedicated to the unhurried eating and drinking of high quality, reasonably priced food and drinks. The fruitful countryside coupled with the regions's coastline provides the backdrop to the production of worldwide popular products. Fresh seafood, wine, home made pasta, extra-virgin olive oil and piadina bread are just some of the culinary strengths Romagna is famous for. They can be found in delicatessen shops, bars and kiosks as well as restaurants.


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