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Thursday 26th March

9.00 - 12.40 - Presentation Gallery, 1st floor              

Advanced Proven Technologies increase Productivity Quality, Safety and Security 

The papers will propose: directions to optimization in the modern process control systems; smart wireless technological solution for optimal plant management; how close we can get to plant's operating limits; EST technology, and advanced way to upgrade the bottom of the barrel; way to validate process measuremetns and analysis; electric actuator's fireproofing; pressure relief codes and standard.

Chairman : Guido Molteni

Presentation schedule and details with list of speakers


Coordinated by ISA ITALY SECTION


 16.30 - 18.30 - Room D, 1st floor



 Subsea Construction Vessels

An in-depth analyses of subsea construction vessels highlighting their most distinctive features and how market demands are solved by designers. Technological developments of AHC cranes will be presented and Shipowners operating in this field will testify their direct experience regarding the use of these highly specialised vessels built to strict technical specifications.

Introduction by Ognjen Antunac, Rosetti Marino Rosetti Shipbuilding Yard - capability of building Subsea Vessels

Finn Essendrop, Maersk Brokers KS, Market Overview of Subsea Vessels

Yrjar Garshol, Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Subsea Construction Vessels - Challenges and Opportunities in a volatile market  

Mario Greiner, Greiner Marine Consulting, AHC Cranes - Mission Critical Equipment in Subsea Operations

Carlo Fusè, Saipem, Case Study - Project specification for a vessel to meet SURF and ultra-deep water installation requirement


Coordinated by Rosetti Marino Group  

Single workshop registration is available for each of the above workshops

€ 150 (+ VAT if applicable) each, including:

Workshop attendance

Welcome kit

1 lunch ticket

Attendance is also open to all registered conference delegates


SIDE EVENTS (free of charge) 


Wednesday 25th March


11.00 - 13.00 Presentation Gallery, 1st floor Hall 6


HONEYWELL - TouchPoint Pro and ConneXt Presentation

Find out about the latest intuitive gas detection products offering unrivalled safety standards and productivity. 



14.30 - 16.00 Presentation Gallery , 1st floor Hall 6


CORTEM Group presentation 

Dimensional criteria for the design of 'Ex d' and 'EX e' junction boxes for panel boards addressed to hazardous areas. The purpose of the workshop is to focus and analyze the main issues relevant to the correct design of 'Ex d'/'Ex de' electrical panel boards for light, power distribution and starter depending on the hazardous areas classification, the temperature class and the design temperature.



16.30 - 18.00 Presentation Gallery , 1st floor Hall 6

Enerpac Company presentation                                      

Join us ! We will present application cases:

- heavy lifting solutions for safe, precise control of movement and positioning

- bolting solutions for joint assembly, controlled tightening & joint separation

- subsea asset hydraulic actuation products 

visit for further information



16.30 - 18.00  Room A , ground floor Hall 6






Thursday 26th March

14.30 - 18.00 Presentation Gallery, 1st floor Hall 6

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