14.30 - 15.45 - Room D


Session organized by UNMIG - Italian Ministry of Economic Development



16.00- 18.00 - Delegate Restaurant

WORKSHOP ASSOMINERARIA - Internationalization & Capacity Building for a Sustainable Business Environment in Oil&Gas producing Countries 

Assomineraria will present and discuss its activity of creating partnerships with Mozambique and other oil&gas producing countries in order to:
- attract more investments for producing local natural resources,
- Improve cooperation with the Italian industrial system,
- develop local capabilities and infrastructures for a long term sustainable development.


FRIDAY 29th March
9.00 - 11.00 -  Room D

WORKSHOP ORGANISED BY ASTER - Offshore Renewable Energy: Emerging Opportunities for the Offshore Industry

The workshop will present emerging opportunities in the marine renewable energy sector for the offshore industry. Particular focus will be devoted to the demo-cases on innovative corrosion solutions and new materials in wave, tidal and offshore wind energy technology developed within the European project NESSIE – North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy (co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund).

The NESSIE demo-cases involve international lead companies operating in the North Sea (European Marine Energy Centre, Scottish and Southern Energy, Simec Atlantis Energy) and supply chain companies to build business cases and open new market opportunities. Experiences of ENI in the Mediterranean Sea will be also showcased.

The workshop is organized by ASTER in the framework of NESSIE project and the Vanguard pilot “Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Related Applications in Harsh Environment” (ADMA).




- Offshore renewable energy: worldwide market opportunities; Renata Archetti –University of Bologna

Roadmap: the challenges and opportunities of corrosion issues in the Offshore Renewable Energy market; Noor Van Velzen – University of Edinburgh

- Corrosion issue: the Nessie approach to meet the challenges; Francesco Matteucci - ASTER

- Case studies on corrosion issue: the Nessie Approach; Jan Reid – Scottish Entreprise

- Offshore renewable energy – Experiences of ENI in Mediterranean Sea; Andrea Alessi – ENI


Introduction and moderation – Stefano Valentini – ASTER


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FRIDAY 29th March
9.00 - 10.45 -  Room A

WORKSHOP ASSOMINERARIA - Riding the Digital Transformation and the Environmental Transition: the key features of the Italian Oil&Gas value-chain

The workshop will provide an indepth view on the numerous actions that the Italian oil&gas value chain, represented by Assomineraria, is developing in order to maintain its international leadership in the areas of Environmental monitoring and performances, Circular Economy, Technological innovation and Digital transformation.