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OMC 2021 Confirmed panelists include

Partnering Associations and Industry Supporters

OMC On Demand Events

For OMC 2021 edition, the organisers are proud to announce that the video histories of the OMC panel sessions delivered in Room A as well as the programme of the Innovation Room are made available to all registered delegates and speakers.

Enjoy your virtual tour of the 3 day panel sessions, learn about the Starting Up programme and watch the OMC 2021 Energy Hackathon!

Click here to watch OMC On Demand Events

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Welcome to OMC Proceedings space!

We are glad to inform you that all OMC proceedings, included those from the previous editions, are indexed on ISBN, SCOPUS and are available for all registered delegates on a digital support. 

If you are entitled to download the OMC 2021 proceedings, please go the SIGN IN page to take advantage of this service.

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